Musical education at any level or in any context is extremely important: more often than not the instrument we play and the music we listen to and love become a part of our personality. Both Beatriz Serrano Bertos and Dimitri van Halderen have a very busy teaching schedule and share a similar philosophy toward teaching. When not playing together they often discuss new (or not so new) pedagogical ideas. Both feel very strongly about the importance of self-expression in music and enjoying the time you spend with your instrument, but also stress the importance of long-term commitment and performing with beauty of sound. Apart from their regular teaching activities they have given workshops and didactic concerts.

Beatriz Serrano Bertos

Beatriz enjoys teaching children, and has developed a great number of musical games to aid correct posture with the instrument, ear training, sight reading and musical understanding. Apart from teaching the instrument and repertory in one-on-one lessons, she enjoys the group lesson format, and has conducted various types of music ensemble.

For Beatriz, a musical education is more than just learning to play your instrument. Children from an early age on should explore all the sounds and possibilities of their instrument, and in this process of continuous discovery, step by step the cello will become a part of their life. Her students learn to compose and improvise from the earliest level, and some of her students have performed their own pieces in student concerts. As soon as they have reached a sufficient proficiency playing solo, her students perform in duos or trios as well, when possible in chamber music formations with instruments other than cello.

Having had herself a wide range of experiences playing in youth orchestras, she is happy to be able to pass on her acquired knowledge to the students participating in the Youth Orchestra of the City of Salamanca, where she coaches the cello section.

Beatriz has taught in music schools and conservatories (elementary and medium levels), and currently teaches in Salamanca (Colegio Concertado “Antonio Machado”) and Ciudad Rodrigo (Music School “Juan Esquivel de Barahona”).

If you are interested in having lessons with her please write an e-mail through our contact page.

Dimitri van Halderen

Being an inquisitive musician, and always playing together or discussing musical topics with his colleague instrumentalists, it is perhaps not so surprising that Dimitri became a chamber music teacher. He has been working in the Superior Conservatory of Salamanca since 2007, after having taught the guitar privately and in music schools in both the Netherlands and Spain.

Being chamber music teacher gives him the chance to introduce the students to new repertoire, and show them music and their instrument from a different perspective. The lessons are a platform for continuous discovery and experimentation, and a learning experience for teacher and student alike. Although mostly teaching groups containing at least one guitarist, he has also taught more familiar chamber formations such as trios or quintets with piano.

Since 2008, Dimitri has been Head of Studies at the Conservatory, and in this function, he aims to provide a more musically dynamic atmosphere for the students. A prime example is the cycle of teacher´s concerts, an academic and musical project of great importance that he has helped create.

Apart from his work in the Conservatory of Salamanca, Dimitri teaches guitar at the summer course organised by Bell´Arte Europa in Siguenza (Guadalajara, Spain). You can contact him through this website if you are interested in a lesson with him.

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