Although the combination of cello and guitar is not often heard on the concert stage, there are more pieces written for this combination than you would expect, and most are of very high quality. Sometimes it seems that the composers make a special effort, perhaps thinking that they will never return to write for this instrumentation.

When we started out as a duo, we played some of the more well-known pieces for cello and guitar alongside transcriptions, mostly of Spanish repertoire, but throughout the years we have come to rely more and more on original works, not out of principle, but because of the sheer joy of discovery!

We present on this page a list of pieces in our repertoire, and also a number of programs we are ready to offer. Other combinations are possible: if you are interested in booking us, you can reach us through the contact page or click here.

Repertoire List

Contemporary Music Program I

Contemporary Music Program II

Spanish and South-American Program

Brazilian Program