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One of the most wonderful aspects of music is that it can be explored in so many different ways. Playing with other people, or playing a solo concert, is always an enriching experience and invariably brings us new thoughts, new ways of looking at music. On this page we present ourselves in other settings than our duo.

Beatriz Serrano Bertos

Violin - Cello Duo with Karolina Michalska

Beatriz and Polish violinist Karolina Michalska started to play together just for fun, reading through some well-known, and some rather unknown pieces from de repertoire for violin and cello. Out of sheer enthusiasm, and before they knew it, they had gathered enough pieces for an evening filling program. They played their first concert in the Theatre of Ciudad Rodrigo on the first of april 2011, presenting pieces by Bach, Cirri, Riviere and Handel/Halvorsen.

Accordion - Cello Duo with David M. García

David is a fellow teacher in the music school of Ciudad Rodrigo. Although his main instrument is the accordion, he also plays the bandoneon and accordina (a mix between the harmonica and accordion).
With this unusual combination of instruments they have played concerts featuring music ranging from Bach to Piazzolla, together with pieces from different folkloric traditions and some of David´s own compositions.

Dimitri van Halderen

There is nothing comparable to the intimate sound of a classical guitar in a concert hall. This most soft-spoken of musical instruments has a repertoire that contains many gems yet to be discovered by the regular concertgoing public. Although nowadays he rarely performs as a soloist, Dimitri enjoys giving at least one solo concert a year, usually presenting an entirely new program. Recently, he performed to great public accclaim in the first and second series of teacher´s concerts in the Superior Conservatory of Salamanca, presenting cornerstone pieces like Benjamin Britten´s Nocturnal and Manuel María Ponce´s Variations on the Folias, but also smaller treasures like the Catalan Folksongs by Miguel Llobet, or a relatively unknown Fantasia by the Renaissance lutenist Laurencini of Rome.

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