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Contemporary Music Program I

Stephen Dodgson (1924 - )

Duo for Violoncello and Guitar

I      Arabesque
II    Invention
III  Nocturne
IV   March
V     Vigil
VI   Bagatelle

Atanas Ourkouzounov (1970 - )

Scherzo a Dix Cordes

Dusan Bogdanovic (1955 - )

Rainforest Canticles

   Noho ana kw akuaii ka nahelehele
   (The Gods Dwell in the Forest)

I      Allegretto
II    Moderato Ritmico
III  Andante
IV   Moderato Misterioso
V     Allegro non Troppo
VI   Lento

David Leisner (1953 - )

Three Moons

I      Orange Moon
II    Pale Moon (Owl´s Lullaby)
III  Red Moon

Stephen Goss (1964 - )

Park of Idols

I      Jump Start
II    Cold Dark Matter
III  Fractured Loop
IV   Malabar Hill
V     The Raw
VI   Sharjah
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